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This is my gallery, and you must like it:iconfrageplz:

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deviation in storage by Toffee-Tama
FAVE TARD:iconretardiloveitplz: I fave like nobody's business!


Sparky's app by PlottingYourDemise
Sparky's app
Sparky [Real name: Mathias]



Shih Tzu



Light Magic

Magical Tricks

Fire [Hot breath and Blizzard]

-Heightened body heat [though he chooses not to because cuddling]
-Phasing [to an extent because of teleportation]
-Infectious happiness [because Sparky would]
-Sparks [No need for matches, yo]
-Superb hearing [even better than a regular dog]
-Speed [comes from running a shit-ton]

-Extremely hyperactive
-Slightly possessive
-Always sees the good in people
-Easily attached

Sparky has been with two owners before coming to the school, one that abused him and one that loved him unconditionally. Thankfully at the academy, he can only remember pieces from his second owner, so he's very optimistic. He's a hyperactive pup that thrives on affection. He was born with a small litter of puppies, but he has no idea of this or any of the puppies in it. He found the Academy by chance, but he's very happy where he is.

+Everyone he meets [they have to give him a great reason not to]
+Having friends
+Close contact [like cuddling or hugging, etc]
+Burning things for fun


-Being alone
-People that hurt his friends
-Being called anything but Sparky [doesn't upset him, just embarrasses him]
-Being groomed excessively [As in more than once every week or two]
-Being hurt [emotionally or otherwise]
-Setting things on fire on accident
-Sadness [anywhere]

Additional Info's:
-Pre-wipe: Was abused by his first owners [whom named him Mathias], so was really reserved. Though his new owners [that named him Sparky] treated him way better, he was still a depressive dog.
-Gets attached more easily the harder it is to befriend you, so he'll make the best of what he earns once you're friends.
-Finds clothing stupid since he's a dog, but wears them for the sake of appearance.
-Loves to yell. A lot. He feels as though if he yells, it's impossible to be ignored.
-Loves track suits. For no discernible reason.
-5'4 and 130 pounds.
-Loves dancing, but only by himself. He can dance to literally anything.
-Only things that will quiet him down is if you're upset with him and mean it, and if he's alone.
-Very much in love with his boyfriend Ace [a calico cat].
-Not the greatest at controlling his magic whenever he thinks about it. Luckily he forgets about it often.

Sorry if I got anything wrong, I've gotten confused.

Goodness gracious it was hard to get this in good time. Thankfully I'm early.
Yaaaay, got a sub from a friend
3 deviants said A nice friend
3 deviants said And I am happy
3 deviants said I'm also a nerd
No deviants said But no one cares
Evil lady by PlottingYourDemise
Evil lady
Something old from February. Only uploading it because I need to save it for a current project and it won't let me [the computer] for whatever reason.

For a color theory project.
Fire and Ice [DMPKMN] by PlottingYourDemise
Fire and Ice [DMPKMN]
That'stheshipnamedhutup Because it's a fire and ice type, get it >W>

It's Xeru, :iconevilitachi:'s character, and Heath, my character. [I have this and the non-halo version on my art tumblr] They'reboyfriendsandthatmakesmehappy


I was going to draw Xeru anyway, but then the activity check came up and I had to draw my own character too, so I put them both together. And they're transparent~ [Hopefully]

I always plan ahead:iconyukkoevilsmileniplz:

I was thinking of Heath's nickname for Xeru, 'mermaid housewife' [too long a story for me to care to explain], and before I knew it I was drawing a pout. And Heath wears glasses, but he would sooner wear contacts than glasses, and he kind of looks like a dad that should be reading a newspaper.

I don't even know anything else to say >m< Ah well, have my satisfactory arts~

For :icondramaticalpokemon:
01 - Does life begin or end at marriage?    
It begins. [x]
It ends. [ ]

02 - Do you prefer being in quiet or loud places?
I like it quiet. [ ]
Bring in the noise! [x]

03 - Which is a better life?
Long and dull. [ ]
Short and full. [x]

04 - Is it ok to live with your partner without ever intending to marry them?
Not a chance. [x]
Yes indeed! [ ]

05 - Do you prefer to stand out from the crowd or fit in?
Fit in. [ ]
Stand out. [x]

06 - Which makes you more nervous?
Being alone. [x]
Being with others. [ ]

07 - Prefer an older or younger partner?
Older. [x]
Younger. [ ]

08 - Does your job always come first?
No. [x]
Yes. [ ]

09 - Is romance annoying?
I wuv it! [x]
I hate it. [ ]

10 - Do you like the words "world domination"?
This is stupid! [x]
Yessssss [ ]

11 - You must kiss one of these. Choose!
A cephelopod-like alien [x]
A beautiful corpse [ ]

12 - Who would be responsible if you cheated?
It'd be my fault. [x]
The person I cheat with. [ ]

13 - Are you a pervert?
I don't think so. [x]
No use denying it. [ ]

14 - Which is more like "paradise"?
A beautiful countryside. [x]
Somewhere I can get a drink. [ ]

15 - Do you talk back to the TV?
No way! [ ]
Maybe… [x]

16 - Are all men stupid?
Not all men… [x]
That's right. [ ]

17 - What do you think of actors in sex scenes?
It's just a job. [x]
Lucky! [ ]

18 - Have you ever gotten a bloody nose from excitement?
No. [x]
Well... [ ]

19 - Which is more "cheating"?
An emotional tryst. [ ]
A physical fling. [x]

20 - Is popping bubble wrap fun?
What a waste! [ ]
Hell yes! [x]

21 - Which of the following would you bring to a deserted island?
A compass [x]
A piano [ ]

22 - Could you have sex with an attractive ghost?
No ghosts, please [x]
I'm not picky [ ]

23 - Has being embarrassed ever turned you on?
No! [ ]
Yes. [x]

24 - Can money buy you love?
No. [x]
Yes. [ ]

25 - You find your lover's kink horrifyingly unsexy. What do you do?
I'll try anything once [x]
This relationship is over [ ]

26 - Do you have to carefully choose which underwear to wear each day?
Not really [x]
Yes [ ]

27 - What are your thoughts on underpants?
You wear it...under your pants [x]
It can go anywhere [ ]

28 - Do you look for appearance or personality in a mate?
Mind. [x]
Looks. [ ]

29 - Have you been told your romantic standards were too high?
Yes. [ ]
Not that I recall. [x]

30 - Do you get bored easily?
No. [x]
Sure. [ ]

31 - Ever been told you have poor taste in partners?
No. [x]
Yeah. [ ]

32 - Are you more of a Sadist or a Masochist?
Masochist. [x]
Sadist. [ ]

33 - Have you changed your personal style for someone else?
Sure [ ]
Nope. [x]

34 - Have you ever cheated before?
I don't think so. [x]
I plead the 5th. [ ]

35 - Do you spend money on fads?
Nope. [x]
Yeah. [ ]

36 - Could you ever be paid enough to go nude in public?
Never! [x]
How much are we talking about? [ ]

37 - Is age just a number?
There are limits. [x]
It's all about love. [ ]

38 - Which looks better on men?
Briefs [ ]
Boxers [x]

39 - How do you make decisions?
My mind [ ]
My gut [x]

40 - Will you fight dirty to win at anything?
That's not truly winning. [x]
Of course. [ ]

41 - How does a life of no responsibility sound?
No way. [x]
Sign me up. [ ]

42 - Do you like children?
Love 'em. [x]
Ugh! [ ]

43 - Is good housekeeping important in a partner?
Yes. [ ]
Not really. [x]

44 - Would you want your children to be like you?
As much as possible. [x]
One of me is enough. [ ]

45 - What's your take on praying mantis mating habits?
It makes me nauseous. [x]
Whatever. [ ]

46 - Have you ever been told you were stingy?
Maybe… [x]
No. [ ]

47 - Your lover's into baby play. What do you do?
I'll try anything once. [x]
That's a dealbreaker. [ ]

48 - Have you ever asked a lover for forgiveness?
Yeah, so? [x]
No. [ ]

49 - If you get a call from someone you hate, do you...
Answer it. [x]
Straight to voicemail. [ ]

50 - What if your lover is a good friend with someone of your sex?
I'd be bothered. [ ]
I wouldn't care. [x]

51 - What do you do if you doubt your lover?
Reaffirm my trust. [ ]
Talk to them. [x]

52 - Would you try to steal your friend's lover?
I'll hold back. [x]
Can't stop the heart. [ ]

53 - Is it okay to lie if you'll never be caught?
I still can't lie. [x]
No problem there. [ ]

54 - Someone's hitting on your lover!
Trust your lover. [x]
Step in and end it. [ ]

55 - Which is harder: lying or being lied to?
Lying. [x]
Being lied to. [ ]

56 - Have you ever looked up dirty words for kicks?
Nope. [x]
You got me. [ ]

57 - Your lover is cheating on you. Do you...?
Break up with them. [x]
Make them end it. [ ]

58 - Could you show everything in your inbox to your lover?
Of course! [x]
Eh...I don't think so. [ ]

59 - Do you gesticulate while on the phone?
That's stupid [x]
Who doesn't? [ ]

60 - You've suddenly changed sexes. Where do you go?
The hospital [x]
The shower room [ ]

61 - If you were suddenly rich, would you tell your lover?
Yes, of course [x]
No, it's all mine [ ]

62 - Do you buy too much food when you're hungry?
No [x]
Yes [ ]

63 - Cosplay in the bedroom: Aye or Nay?
Not for me [ ]
It can be fun [x]

64 - How would you propose to your lover?
It has to be special [x]
Just let it happen [ ]

65 - If you had to choose between your lover and your best friend, who would you choose?
Lover! [x]
Friend! [ ]

66 - If you were suddenly naked in public, where would you hide?
Anywhere I can [x]
I have nothing to hide [ ]

67 - What would you do if your significant other fell in love with someone else?
I'd let her/him go [ ]
Cling to what's mine! [x]

68 - Would you date someone who was already married?
I don't cheat [x]
All's fair in love and war [ ]

69 - Are you able to physically punish someone, if you believed it was the right thing to do?
No. never [x]
I could do that [ ]

70 - If you got reincarnated, would you want to be human?
I love being human! [x]
It dosen't matter [ ]

71 - Is it acceptable to marry for money or power?
No [x]
Yes [ ]

72 - How do you end a relationship?
Say it flat out [x]
Let things die down [ ]

73 - Is there more to a relationship then physical attraction?
There's more to it then that [x]
Humans are Animals [ ]

74 - Could you marry the perfect... robot?
I don't do robots [x]
Is it... fully functional? [ ]

75 - Is it easier to love, or be loved?
To be loved [ ]
To Love [x]

= 58
= 17

0 - 10 - You're normal
10 - 20 - Hey, you're nice
20 - 40 - You're such a sweetie!
40 - 60 - Are you an angel?
60 - 75 - One of the gods-

0 - 10 -  You're normal
10 - 20 - you evil you
20 - 40 - Wow you're the devil
40 - 60 - You should be the owner of hell
60 - 75 - SATAN?!
AOP Activity Check- Sparky Good/Evil
A lot of these, Sparky would take a third option. But yep, turns out he's a real sweetie pie with just a bit of mean/evil in him. There are supposed to be lots of bold and bullet points, but oh well.

For :iconacademy-of-pleasure:


PlottingYourDemise has started a donation pool!
1,369 / 3,000
I really want some points! I want to buy myself a premium membership for one. Two, I like to point commission others. (I need to work on my own) I want to also be able to help other groups turn into super groups. Help me out?

Featured point commish artist: :icona-c-l: (She's trying to get :icontachikawa-high: to stay a super group!)

Just to be safe, I'll let you in on something. I'm going to post my balance so you know what I have.

Current balance: 198

:iconpointcommision1::iconpointcommision2: Actually I'm not open right now.
So here are my prices! Tell me whether you think they are reasonable or not:
2 :points:= Waist-up/bust sketch of any character you choose
3 :points:= Chibi sketch
4 :points:= Chibi colored
5 :points:= Full-body sketch
7 :points:= Full-body drawing inked
10 :points:= Full body drawing colored
15 :points:= 2 full-body characters sketched
16 :points:= 2 chibi sketches
17 :points:= 2 chibi colored
18 :points:= 2 full-body chars inked
20 :points:= 2 full-body chars colored (see last comment on colored)
22 :points:= 3 chibi sketch
23 :points:= 3 chibi colored
24 :points:= 3 full-body sketch
27 :points:= 3 full-body inked
30 :points:= 3 full-body colored (also see last colored comment)

+5 :points: for every character past 3
+2 :points: for every chibi past 3 (1 for face only chibis)

These prices are for traditional color. Depending on time taken, various amounts of points added for digital color.

Character sheets have different prices too, depending on media. Character sheets prices put up as soon as one is requested.

Prices are negotiable.

I'll take 5 at a time!
1.:iconarsonistmayan:- 10 pt commish of her Oc Mara
2. :iconzeroconfidence:- Two 30 :points: commishes of Zero with Numette and Elizabeth then Demi and Nano [1st sketch done]
3.:iconapril--r:- 30pt commish of her with Cloud and Zack
4. :icondopushups:- Tinkerbell sitting on a grenade

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What up, what up, hello~:iconmonkeyhiplz:

First of all, two things that you will catch me on:
My regular tumblr:…
My art tumblr [made today!]:

I haven't made a journal since Oct 2013. That's sad. But yeah, anyway, I've been out of school for almost exactly a month now [the 28th makes 1 month] and I have not been drawing nearly as much as I told myself I would. I haven't watched as much anime as I told myself I would, either. I'm a disgrace. But yeah...Check out my art blog. I post things I don't post here on there, and will continue to do so. My DA will not be dead, but there are certain things [like schoolwork] that I don't feel like it would have much of a place on my DA. I don't know, call me finicky.

But yes, I am no longer a freshman in college. A lot of shit went down. I got a new laptop [somewhere between 26th-28th of January]! It's a Mac and it takes getting used to. My grandmother passed away [February 28th]. I still miss her. Sometimes I think about her and feel tears coming on. My grades "slipped" [They weren't bad, just not good enough for SCAD standards. Their system is flawed.]

I went to Momocon in May! It was fun, the panels were nice, got to get a Funimation lanyard and meet all sorts of people, including Cherami Leigh and Bryce Papenbrook. They were both sweethearts and nice to hug~ Plus I spazzed so much from meeting one of them that I almost left my phone behind. Being in Atlanta was a blast and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I also got the signatures of Troy Baker and Courtney Draper~

I also went to Anime Blues 4 this past weekend [I realize I never made a journal about the third one]. I got to meet Chris Sabat [WHO SAID I HAD A BEAUTIFUL VOICE AND I WILL NEVER GET OVER THAT plus I got his signature twice.] and Eric Vale [I actually got a picture with him]. I didn't take pictures of cosplayers because those kinds of pictures just don't feel right without a camera.

I will also be going to AWA! I'll get to meet Bryce Papenbrook and Cherami Leigh again [hopefully with something drawn], as well as J. Michael Tatum. I also have the opportunity to meet Scott McNeil [Koga from Inuyasha] and Junichi Suwabe [Space Dandy]. This is the first year I'm going to multiple cons, and it's so exciting!

I'm also thoroughly enjoying my 3DS. I got Kirby: Triple Deluxe most recently, but I also have Yoshi's New Island, Bravely Default, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and of course Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I am purposely avoiding finishing Fire Emblem, but the other ones have legit not been finished. I have other 3DS games, but they are either on pause or finished. I've been playing ACNL like crazy, so much that my other games are by and large neglected. I don't know what's so addictive about it.

From now on, unless stated [odds are it won't], all of my drawings henceforth will be drawn on a tablet. I'm practicing not drawing with blank lines, and so far it's worked out well. I've got many anime and much art to do.:icondoge-plz: I'll get to it. I've also got lots of cleaning to do. And I need a job. Ugh, life is in the way. I will draw and watch whatever I can.


*ahem* Yes, I'm excited. Could you tell? But whatever, it's 2 AM and I can't think. Check out my art blog, please~ If I don't post art here, odds are it's going there. I'll try to update my journal more often. I really should.

Love you guys~!
PlottingYourDemise aka PYD aka Plotty aka Demi aka Potty aka Plot aka whatever you call me [that's not offensive]
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  • Listening to: Watamote opening
  • Reading: Le yaoiz
  • Watching: Animu
  • Playing: ACNL
  • Eating: I had spaghetti
  • Drinking: nothing


It's Aaliyah, noob!
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Me and some of my fellow deviants!

"It's not that you're bad at winning, it's just that you're good at losing."

I'm Plotty, that's what you call me. Or Demi, some people choose that. I'm a boss:iconbadassplz:

RP groups I'm in:
:icontachikawa-high:- Me: Half active [Open for RP] Group status: Currently open and active
:iconlandofeve:- Me: Never been active Group status: Inactive and closed(?)
:iconangelcakeacademy:- Me: Mostly active [did art and RP] Group status: Inactive and closed (?)
:iconakuma-high:- Me: Inactive; Group status: Closed
:iconfujoshicafe:- Me: Half active [RPs and art were often] Group status: Indefinite hiatus
:iconss-alliance:- Me: Half active [Still RP with this character] Group status: Under reconstruction
:iconhoshizora-high:- Me: Inactive; Group status: Active
:iconmiyagawa-high:- Me: Half active [All ongoing RPs have not been replied to] Group status: Active
:iconmizu-no-gakuen:- Me: Half active [Still RP with this character] Group status: Revamping
:iconacademy-of-pleasure:- Me: Active [RP-wise]; Group status: Newly closed
:icondramaticalpokemon:- Me: Active; Group status: Closed and active
:iconspiritsrefuge:- Me: In process of making app; Group status: Semi-active(?)

Groups to Reapply to:
:iconcirque-des-reves::iconkitty-cancan-cafe: (I think)

RP groups to apply for:
:iconclockhearts:- Closed for revamp
:iconpokecino:- Closed
:iconeden-de-ys:- Closed
:icontatakai-club:- Closed
:iconsaotome-high:- Unknown
:iconpokemon-amie:- Closed til winter
:iconthe-poke-connection:- Recently closed
:iconrevocs-gakuen:- Open(?)
:iconstraydogsworld:- Closed
:iconhappy-tails: Closed
:iconcytro-project-s:- Currently invite only
[As of 8/23/14]

Made because I'm forgetful as hell.:iconmingplz:

Journal History

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