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PlottingYourDemise has started a donation pool!
1,356 / 3,000
I really want some points! I want to buy myself a premium membership for one. Two, I like to point commission others. (I need to work on my own) I want to also be able to help other groups turn into super groups. Help me out?

Featured point commish artist: :iconkaijin89: (She's trying to get :icontachikawa-high: to stay a super group!)

Just to be safe, I'll let you in on something. I'm going to post my balance so you know what I have.

Current balance: 198

:iconpointcommision1::iconpointcommision2: Actually I'm not open right now.
So here are my prices! Tell me whether you think they are reasonable or not:
2 :points:= Waist-up/bust sketch of any character you choose
3 :points:= Chibi sketch
4 :points:= Chibi colored
5 :points:= Full-body sketch
7 :points:= Full-body drawing inked
10 :points:= Full body drawing colored
15 :points:= 2 full-body characters sketched
16 :points:= 2 chibi sketches
17 :points:= 2 chibi colored
18 :points:= 2 full-body chars inked
20 :points:= 2 full-body chars colored (see last comment on colored)
22 :points:= 3 chibi sketch
23 :points:= 3 chibi colored
24 :points:= 3 full-body sketch
27 :points:= 3 full-body inked
30 :points:= 3 full-body colored (also see last colored comment)

+5 :points: for every character past 3
+2 :points: for every chibi past 3 (1 for face only chibis)

These prices are for traditional color. Depending on time taken, various amounts of points added for digital color.

Character sheets have different prices too, depending on media. Character sheets prices put up as soon as one is requested.

Prices are negotiable.

I'll take 5 at a time!
1.:iconarsonistmayan:- 10 pt commish of her Oc Mara
2. :iconzeroconfidence:- Two 30 :points: commishes of Zero with Numette and Elizabeth then Demi and Nano [1st sketch done]
3.:iconapril--r:- 30pt commish of her with Cloud and Zack
4. :iconhookerlovingpsycho:- Tinkerbell sitting on a grenade

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Well, in the small span of the almost 2 months since I made my last journal, and that wasn't really much.

First of all, the most important thing, I am in college as of mid-September! I go to SCAD [which I would assume many college-seeking artists know about without having to ask what it stands for], and if you're my watcher and you go here too [unlikely, but hey], you could meet me~ As if that's so impressive. But that is why my time is so limited on DA...that, and I made a friend that distracts me quite a lot [and is what cut my DA time in the first place]. Not anyone like 'that', no. But anyway, back to college. I'll be back home in good ol' TN in late November, so then my time can go up.

As a little segue into my next topic, remember what my last journal was about? Well, I had some rather good fortune, if you will, come across me, and I was able to afford an Intuos 5~ Yep, I now have a tablet! And I plan to break it in, tonight hopefully [If my roommate allows, my laptop is a piece of Sugar Honey Iced Tea]. So my art will definitely be more frequent at some point as I break it in and adjust. I plan to christen it with some fanart for a comic on DA I love [The artist has literally no chance of seeing this, unless she happens to visit my page]. Now I don't have to worry about transferring to paper, and when I get a QUALITY laptop I can use Sai with it.

Last that I can think of for now, which will probably be the longest portion if I let it, is about POKEMON X AND Y. I am so excited for that shit! I got a 3DS on the 1st, and we had a midnight release party for it sponsored by a couple Gamestops in malls and I got it about half an hour into the release day. But guess what? I HAVE ALREADY BEAT IT AS OF YESTERDAY. And considering I didn't play until 8 pm one day, I essentially beat Y [the game I have] in 3 days. That's a record! [I beat the main story of White 2 in 6 days back in August, and I beat Platinum in 4 days but I technically didn't since I couldn't challenge Cynthia without saving...or some part of the Elite Four]. I'm not personally trying to make a record because that serves me little purpose, but I do plan to raise my Pokemon to level 100 and full affection [POKEMON-AMIE IS SO FUN, GUYS, IT'S HARD NOT TO GET ADDICTED] so I can do well with battles. It'll be fun. All of the Gen I callbacks [the other generations had references, but Gen I had the most] were just fun to see/hear. I won't reveal a thing about what's in X and Y in case people that will read this will want the game, but I can tell you what you wanna know if you do wanna know. Oh, and 3DS people, give your friend codes so I can add you! [My dorm doesn't have good Wi-Fi so it'll have to wait for an add]. I'll give you mine if you want it! Oh, and my Pokemon character is the boy avatar named Janice. Please ask me for the story, I would love to tell it but I wonder if anyone cares.

I don't really know what to say...College is just really enjoyable, or at least this one is. It's not that hard to make friends...I've got two I hang out with consistently, and one friend is far from home while the other one is just a state away. Being far from home...It's not as nerve-wracking as I thought it would be. I mean yeah, it's so weird to not just be able to see my mom and grandmother and etc whenever I want and having to settle to hearing them through a phone, and I do miss them and all...but this is such a welcoming place. I could live here. So going to college out of town, out of's really not that hard. And then when you find out that like 97% are pretty darn far from home, it makes you feel better. It's nice to learn how to not fully depend on someone 24/7. It's good for me, I think.

Yeah, there's not much to really talk about anymore. So everyone, you go be awesome, do what you do! Unless it's being a douche to others, don't do that.

Love you all!~
~PlottingYourDemise aka Plotty aka Demi aka PYD aka OTHER NAMES
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It's Aaliyah, noob!
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Me and some of my fellow deviants!

"It's not that you're bad at winning, it's just that you're good at losing."

I'm Plotty, that's what you call me. Or Demi, some people choose that. I'm a boss:iconbadassplz:

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